Chemical Use on Liners from DS Cole Growers

                This is a list of chemicals used at DS Cole Growers, to treat liner products.  Some or all were used to treat the plants you are receiving now.


·         Avid(Abamectin)

·         Azatin(Azadirachtin)

·         Conserve(Spinosad)

·         Endeavor(Pymetrozine)

·         Floramite(Bifenazate)

·         Pedestal(Novaluron)

·         Pylon(Chlorfenapyr) (only if needed)

·         Ovation(Clofentezine) (only if needed)



·         TMC WDG(Chlorothalonil+Thiophanate-methyl)

·         Decree(Fenhexamid)

·         Compass(Trifloxystrobin)

·         Paladium(Cyprodinil+Fludioxonil)

·         Subdue Maxx(Mefenoxam)

·         Clearys 3336 F(Thiophanate-Methyl)

·         Adorn(Fluopicolide)

·         Stature(Dimethomorph)

·         Protect(Zinc ion+ Manganese bisdithiocarbamate)


Growth Regulators:

·         B-nine(Daminozide)

     Ageratum, Argyranthemum, Cynara, Dahlia, Fuchsia, Heliotrope, Senetti

·         Cycocel(Chlormequat chloride)



·         B-Nine+ Cycocel


·         Ethephon

     Begonia boliviensis types


·         Uniconazole

     Angelonia, Bacopa, Bidens, Calibrachoa, Coleus, Diascia, Helichrysum,Impatiens

     Ipomoea, Iresine, Lamium, Lobelia, Nemesia, Perilla, Petunia, Plectranthus, Salvia

     Scaevola, Snapdragons, Torenia, Verbena




Additional chemicals may have been used during the production of your liners.






Biological pest control:


We have selected pesticides with a short residual and a good compatibility with commonly used biological controls.  You can safely begin using beneficial controls as soon as you receive your liners.


We release Amblyseius californicus mites for spider mite control and Amblyseius cucumeris for thrips control on the following crops-


·         Cordyline

·         Cyperus

·         Dracaena

·         Hedera

·         Mandevilla

·         Tropicals (alocasia, colocasia, musa, ensete)

·         Other spider mite prone plants