MPS Certification 10 Year Anniversary

We are proud to announce it has been 10 years since we received the first MPS-ABC certificate in the United States. D.S. Cole is committed to continuing our journey in sustainable production.

"On Monday July 17th, 2017, Yolande van de Boom, CEO of MPS, presented Doug Cole from D.S. Cole Growers an award to show the appreciation and gratitude for a decade of cooperation between D.S. Cole Growers and MPS. Yolande stressed the importance of global sustainability."


Westland, The Netherlands, July 17th, 2017

Open House Thursday August 3, 2017

Join us this year for our annual Open House on August 3, 2017
Please RSVP at (603) 783-9561 or email

Watch last year's Open House highlights

Things to try from our catalog

 All Mandevilla Sun Parasols Available.




"Herbs of the World"

"Herbs of the World" are ready for sale in 4" pots.  This is a culinary herb line that is simple and just what you need.  It covers the bases for the kitchen and since we are planting each week, the items are always fresh.  Grown in 4" plastic pots with colorful labels, these herbs are friendly for placing on a kitchen window.

Elatior Begonias are Back!

This is the best spring ever for our Elatior Begonias in 4" and 6" pots.  Although we are growing more than ever this spring, they tend to sell out each week.  Give Kristin a call for your share.

Double Flowered Osteospermum are Here!

This spring we offer the debut of three new double flowered Osteospermum in 4" pots.  Be the first garden center in your area to offer these to the public.  Available in double pink (shown), double purple and double silver.

Pesticide Information

If you would like to see specific information on chemical pesticides which may have been used in our greenhouses, please visit